Regional Representative Program

The Regional Representative Program, created by the Recent Alumni Board (RAB), is an initiative to strengthen the network of alumni throughout the country. The College of Business boasts more than 70,000 alumni, and the Regional Representative Program offers a unique opportunity to connect with fellow alumni. The network is a valuable resource for recent graduates and current students making the transition from student to young professional. Whether you are trying to locate a great place to watch the game or find a young professional organization, the Regional Representative Program can get you started!

If you are looking for a professional resource, a regional representative can:

  • Provide information about their company/industry
  • Share insight on personal experiences post-graduation
  • Give guidance on the transition between college and career
  • Speak to you about their career
  • Inform you about the professional organizations in the area

You can expect a regional representative to:

  • Provide a welcome guide to their respective area
  • Inform you about Seminole clubs and alumni groups in the area
  • Give you a welcome phone call or meeting (lunch/dinner/drinks) when you arrive in the area
  • Tell you how to connect with professional networking groups
  • Be available as a professional contact and resource

To learn how to become a Regional Representative or more about the program, please contact Chelsea Vaughn, Director of Alumni Engagement.

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