Minor in General Business


The College of Business offers a General Business minor for students majoring in an area outside the College of Business.

Minor Requirements

You must earn at least a "C-" grade in a course for it to be counted toward a General Business minor. At least two (2) of the business courses must be completed at Florida State University. If you want a course completed at another institution to count toward a General Business minor, the course must be approved by the College of Business.

Program of Studies

To complete the minor, you must complete 12 credit hours from the following courses:

  • *ACG 2021 - Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • *ACG 2071 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting (Prerequisite: ACG 2021)
  • *BUL 3310 - The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • *FIN 3140 - Personal Finance
  • *FIN 3244 - Financial Markets, Institutions, and International Finance Systems (Prerequisites: ECO2013 and ACG 2021)
  • *FIN 3403 - Financial Management of the Firm (Prerequisites: ECO 2023 and ACG 2021)
  • *GEB 3213 - Business Communications
  • *ISM3003 - Foundations of Management Information Systems
  • *ISM 3541 - Introduction to Business Analytics 
  • *MAN 3025 - Concepts of Management (Not being taught in 2021)
  • *MAN 3600 - Multinational Business Operations
  • *MAR 3023 - Basic Marketing Concepts (Prerequisite: ECO 2023)
  • *MAR 3231 - Retail Management
  • REE 3043 - Real Estate
  • *RMI 3011 - Risk Management and Insurance

All courses are available to non-majors on a space-available basis. Courses marked with an * are only offered online to non-majors and require an additional fee. 

Requesting Certificate of Completion

When you have completed the courses required for the General Business minor, you may request a certificate of completion by clicking here, or you may submit your request by completing a form in the College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office (328 RBB).

For questions regarding the minor, please contact Kenya Haslem in the College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office (328 RBB).

Note: At Florida State, minors are not posted on transcripts and are not included on diplomas.