Minor in General Business


The College of Business offers a General Business minor for students majoring in an area outside the College of Business.

Minor Requirements

You must earn at least a "C-" grade in a course for it to be counted toward a General Business minor. At least two (2) of the business courses must be completed at Florida State University. If you want a course completed at another institution to count toward a General Business minor, the course must be approved by the College of Business.

Program of Studies

To complete the minor, you must complete 12 credit hours from the following courses:

  • *ACG 2021 - Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • *ACG 2071 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting (Prerequisite: ACG 2021)
  • *BUL 3310 - The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • *FIN 3140 - Personal Finance
  • *FIN 3244 - Financial Markets, Institutions, and International Finance Systems (Prerequisites: ECO2013 and ACG 2021)
  • *FIN 3403 - Financial Management of the Firm (Prerequisites: ECO 2023 and ACG 2021)
  • *GEB 3213 - Business Communications
  • *ISM3003 - Foundations of Management Information Systems
  • *ISM 3541 - Introduction to Business Analytics 
  • *MAN 3025 - Concepts of Management (Not being taught in 2021)
  • *MAN 3600 - Multinational Business Operations
  • *MAR 3023 - Basic Marketing Concepts (Prerequisite: ECO 2023)
  • *MAR 3231 - Retail Management
  • REE 3043 - Real Estate
  • RMI 3011 - Risk Management and Insurance 

All courses are available to non-majors on a space-available basis. Courses marked with an * are only offered online to non-majors and require an additional fee. 

Requesting Certificate of Completion

When you have completed the courses required for the General Business minor, you may request a certificate of completion by clicking here to submit your request online, or you may submit your request by completing a form in the Undergraduate Programs Office (RBB 327).

For questions regarding the minor, please contact an advisor in the Undergraduate Programs Office.

Note: At Florida State, minors are not posted on transcripts and are not included on diplomas.

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