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Minor in Business Analytics

Minor in Business Analytics

The minor in Business Analytics fits a market need for business graduates who are well-rounded and particularly strong in their capability to understand the flow of business and bridge the gap between analysis and strategic decision-making. The minor program is designed to produce analytically savvy graduates, who will be adept at working in interdisciplinary teams in any organization to solve complex business problems.

The minor provides participants with skills in the fields of data mining, business intelligence and analysis. Students move beyond reviewing statistics to understanding the implications for business and developing actionable intelligence, building on the diverse skills and knowledge gained in their major business curriculum.

Minor Requirements

Only coursework with a grade of “C-” or above will count toward the minor. All courses must be completed at Florida State University. Any questions about the minor requirements should be directed to undergraduate advising staff.

Application Procedures

You do not need to complete any paperwork to begin working on the minor.

Program of Studies

Housed in the Department of Business Analytics, Information Systems and Supply Chain, the minor is offered on a space available basis. It consists of 12 credit hours from the below four courses (three-credit hours each).

All candidates for the minor must take and pass the following required course:

  • ISM 4212 - Information for Operating Control and Data Management. This course covers the theory, techniques and applications of information management and control including organizations as information-processing systems and executive support systems.

Plus, all minor candidates must take and pass any three (3) additional courses of their choosing from the prescribed list of electives.

  • ISM 4545 - Data Analytics and Mining for Business. This course covers the most important data analytics and mining techniques to help corporations acquire knowledge from large data sets. Specifically, it introduces methods such as clustering, classification, association rule mining, etc. through a hands-on approach using specialized software. (Pre-requisite: ISM 4212.)

  • MAR 4524 - Consumer Demand Analytics with Big Data. This course explores how firms can learn consumer demand from various data sources. It starts with laying a micro-economic foundation for demand analysis. Then it discusses the various econometric approaches that modern firms use to uncover price elasticity. Last, it extends to several cutting-edge methods deployed to unconventional data types learning demand.

  • ISM 4117 - Business Intelligence. This course introduces business intelligence as computerized support for managerial decision-making. It concentrates on the theoretical and conceptual foundations of business intelligence as well as on commercial tools and techniques available for effective decision-support. (Pre-requisite: ISM 4212.)

  • ISM 3540 - Big Data. This course utilizes a variety of analytics tools and techniques to examine large datasets as an intelligence-providing activity for the purpose of management decision-making.

Requesting Certificate of Completion

When you have completed the courses required for the minor in Business Analytics, you may contact the College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office to request a certificate of completion.

For questions regarding the minor, please contact an advisor in the Undergraduate Programs Office.

Note: At Florida State, minors are not posted on your transcript and are not included on your diploma.


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