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Interested students should apply for the combined pathway during their junior year before registering for senior coursework.

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Email Dr. Dean Gatzlaff, BS-RE/MSF pathway director, or Gail Palo, academic program specialist, for more information.

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Get a head start on graduate school.

Get a head start on graduate school. Highly qualified FSU real estate majors can streamline their studies by applying to the Combined Bachelor of Science in Real Estate/Master of Science in Finance (BS-RE/MSF) Pathway.  Combined pathway students take up to nine hours of coursework that will double count for graduate and undergraduate degree requirements. Eligible students also may benefit by applying their remaining undergraduate Bright Futures award toward a portion of their graduate coursework. Completing graduate coursework before undergraduate graduation also equips students with advanced skills needed for better internships and thus employment opportunities.

Industry demand for the pathway’s combined disciplines is great. Over the next decade, the Labor Department predicts that employment in the business and financial operations sector is expected to grow 10 percent – faster than the average of other occupations. Demand is expected to be even higher for specific careers involving real estate and finance: financial analysts (11 percent); loan officers and underwriters (11 percent); real estate appraisers (14 percent); property and asset managers (10 percent); and market analysts (23 percent).

The College of Business’ Real Estate program is ranked No. 7 among public institutions and No. 11 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report (2019). The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program, ranked No. 22 among public schools by TFE Times (2019), provides an outstanding career placement rate and networking opportunities with alumni serving in posts ranging from Florida’s most innovative corporations to Wall Street’s strongest financial firms. Opportunities for students include managing an investment fund of more than $4 million.

  Admission Guidelines

Interested applicants to the Combined BS-RE/MSF Pathway must have an overall GPA of at least 3.4 and an upper-division GPA of at least 3.2 in finance and real estate courses. The finance and real estate GPA is based on at least three of the following courses completed at the time of application:

REE 3043 Real Estate
REE 4103 Real Estate Valuation

Plus at least one of the following
FIN 3244 Financial Markets, Institutions, and International Finance Systems
FIN 3403 Financial Management of the Firm
FIN 4424 Problems in Financial Management
FIN 4504 Investments
REE 4204 Real Estate Finance
REE 4143 Real Estate Market Analysis
REE 4313 Real Estate Investment
REE 4433 Legal Environment of Real Estate

Students admitted will still be required to apply separately to the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program by March 1 during their senior year.

While students entering the combined pathway are typically on track for admission to the MSF program, students still must meet MSF application requirements. Visit the MSF degree page to learn more about what application materials will be needed, including references, personal statements and requirements for an acceptable GMAT score or information on how to apply for a GMAT waiver.

  Combined Curriculum

Students in the Combined BS-RE/MSF Pathway can take up to nine hours of graduate work that will double count for their graduate and undergraduate degree requirements. Combined pathway students must maintain a B or higher in graduate coursework for their work to count toward the MSF degree. The graduate classes are more rigorous than the undergraduate classes that they are replacing and will provide additional information needed to meet the standard skills and knowledge required by the university and expected by employers hiring master’s graduates.

Students in the Combined BS-RE/MSF Pathway substitute the following graduate courses for three undergraduate courses:

REE 5205 Topics in Real Estate Finance
Combined pathway substitution for REE 4204 Real Estate Finance

This course provides an advanced treatment of topics fundamental to real estate finance. The course topics are presented in units that range from pricing mortgages to the lending process to the secondary mortgage. Topics include a discussion of primary and secondary mortgage markets, mortgage market operations, mortgage instruments and mortgage-related securities. Emerging topics of special interest are also discussed.
- 3 credit hours, offered fall semester

REE 5305 Real Estate Investment
Combined pathway substitution for REE 4313 Real Estate Investment
This course introduces students to the procedures and analytical methods used to evaluate real estate markets and project-specific investments. The course focuses on the topic of real estate investment analysis primarily from the private (equity) investors’ perspective.
- 3 credit hours, offered spring semester

REE 5209 Advanced Real Estate Finance and Investment
Combined pathway substitution for REE 4143 Real Estate Market Analysis

Prerequisite: REE5205. This course provides advanced treatment of the commercial mortgage and real estate equity markets. Topics include in-depth discussion of financing income-producing properties; commercial mortgage underwriting; real estate investment trusts; and the decisions faced by institutions regarding their property and mortgage portfolios. Emerging topics of special interest also are discussed.
- 3 credit hours, offered spring semester

For information about MSF curriculum, please visit the MSF degree page.    

  Program Costs

The combined pathway double counts nine credit hours in the undergraduate real estate major and the MSF program streamlining the workload. Eligible students may benefit by applying remaining undergraduate Bright Futures award toward a portion of the nine credit hours of graduate coursework tuition and fees that are being counted toward both degrees.

For program costs for the 2019-2020 academic year and a breakdown of on-campus student fees and their explanations, visit the university’s Tuition Rates page.

Read more about the college’s financial assistance options for undergraduate and graduate students.

You may also visit Florida State's financial aid website for more information on types of financial aid.

To learn more about the Combined Bachelor of Science in Real Estate/Master of Finance (BS-RE/MSF) Pathway, download the brochure and/or request information. Apply today by completing the Graduate Programs Office’s online form.

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