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Christian Baena, '09 Finance & Multinational Business

Christian BaenaTitle: Account Manager
Company: Splacer
Location: Miami, Fla.
Board Position: New Membership, Regional Representative Coordinator
LinkedIn: Christian Baena
Email: ChristianBaena@gmail.com

Christian is currently an account manager at Splacer in Miami, Fla. Previously, he was a relationship associate at Polen, where he supported institutional consulting firms as well as outsourced CIOs and sub-advised relationships. Prior to joining Polen, Christian spent four years in a similar role with Franklin Templeton Investments based out of their Fort Lauderdale and New York offices. He attributes much of his adaptive nature to their Futures Program, a two-year leadership development program rotating associates through various business units and corporate offices around the country.

Personally, Christian serves as the executive director of Be1More, a nonprofit offering various methods of support to other social-impact oriented organizations. Be1More brings light to their initiatives based on sustainability and empowerment; those which implement a “teach a man to fish” approach versus ones who simply “give(s) a man a fish.” In 2014, the Be1More team also helped approximately 3,750 citizens of Haiti and Panama take steps towards cleaner drinking water.

With a passion for the outdoors, Christian is a fluent Spanish speaker and a keen traveler with three passports.


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