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Real Estate Major

Real Estate Major Overview

Housed in the Department of Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate and Legal Studies, the Real Estate program offers a comprehensive curriculum that serves as a foundation for students seeking employment in real estate related enterprises. The primary objective of the program is to provide students with the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to enter the real estate industry. More specifically, the program aims to equip students for entry-level positions in mortgage banking and institutional lending, real estate brokerage and leasing, appraisal and investment consulting, real estate investment and development activities, corporate real estate and real estate positions within government agencies.

The Real Estate Society (student organization) and the FSU Real Estate Network (alumni and friends) serve to give students exposure to the various aspects of the real estate industry through their corporate tours and professional forums, as well as an opportunity to interact with real estate professionals. The program seeks to facilitate internships, both at the department-level and college-level, which provide students the chance to gain practical experience. The “fast-tracking” of many training programs available through our department provide students with a competitive advantage over other new hires.

Established in the early 1970s in response to the rapidly growing employment opportunities in real estate, today the Real Estate Program at Florida State is one of the largest and most successful programs in the nation.

Admission Requirements for the Real Estate Major

The Real Estate major is a limited-access program. To be admitted to the major, a student must meet the admission requirements for limited-access programs in the College of Business. Upon completing all requirements for this major, the student will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate.

Course Requirements

Courses for the major are updated each academic year. Students must use the course requirements from the academic year they were accepted in the College of Business. Typically students are admitted to the college beginning their junior year, and the academic year runs fall through summer.

Academic Mapping

Mapping is Florida State University’s academic advising and monitoring system that provides the student with a recommended eight semester map for completing their bachelor’s degree in four years. Summer semesters are not included in degree mapping, but the student may use summer terms to either get ahead or catch up in their degree program.

Students do not have to complete all of the recommended classes on their map to remain on course; they simply must meet certain minimum requirements known as "milestones." Milestones include a minimum grade point average (GPA), completion of specific classes and minimum grades (“C-” or better) in the milestone classes. Milestones are identified on each major map. All incoming freshmen are monitored for Semester 1 milestone criteria, regardless of the number of hours brought in through dual enrollment and/or credit by examination.

Students will be contacted if they are not making the appropriate progress. Students who do not satisfy the appropriate milestones at the end of any semester will be notified of such status by the university. The first time a student is off course, a Hold will be placed on registration; and the student will be required to contact an adviser to have the registration Hold removed. The adviser will discuss: (1) what is necessary to get back on course; and/or (2) possible alternative majors. If the student is off course for two consecutive semesters, a Hold placed is placed on registration; and the student will be required to change their major to an area outside of business.

Real Estate Major Opportunities

Students learn outside the classroom through our department’s internships, careers and licensing opportunities as well as the department's internship program, the college’s internship program and international programs. Education also is enhanced through the many networking and leadership opportunities offered in student organizations, such as the Real Estate Society, and our numerous industry specific events. Generous scholarships help support students along the way.


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